When Good Isn’t Good Enough

You finished a million tasks to launch your SAAS: signup flow, payment forms, the “forgot password” page, sales copy, screenshots, notification emails, help files, the list goes on and on. But you hustled like hell to get it done and now you’re in business!

Your site is live, customers like you, and always there’s more work to do. The good kind of work, the kind where you’re making money. You’re busy depositing payments, supporting customers, filling orders, running your business.

And eventually things seem… flat. You’re on a steady trajectoryOr maybe revenue’s even slipping a little. You could say it’s always slow in the holidays, or the industry’s in a down cycle, or churn on early cohorts is always high… but what’s going to reverse the trend?, but there’s nothing big on the horizon.

What’s next? Rebrand? Throw darts to try to hit the next big feature? A clean-slate redesign? Require employees to write regular blog posts? Roll the dice on a new product line? Hire a social media whiz to tweet?

Or you could…

Get X-Ray Vision

What if you knew exactly where your customers were slipping through the cracks of your sales funnel?

What if you saw your site through their eyes? What if you knew exactly what they’d respond to? You would know how to break down the problems you find, test solutions, and deliver wins.

Instead of taking wild guesses, you could have a standard process for diagnosing problems and making effective improvements. You could get more customers and keep them happier for longer.

You can finally…

Achieve Your Potential Revenue

Together we can permanently make your business better at making money.

Remember all those tasks that were checked off in a rush before launch? What are the chances all those odd jobs were implemented perfectly on the first try?

Running a service isn’t just about setting up your site once, it’s about having the means to constantly refine your offerings as your business and market change.

Revenue Systems uses scientific tools like A/B testing, behavior analysis, and targeted analytics. Improvements are rigorously proved and reported, so you know the ROI of every dollar you invest into your site.

Drawing on my 15 years of professional web development experience, I enhance your site’s critical path to sales and growth:

Engagements are scheduled in quarterly blocks. In the first week we’ll implement (or tune up) your analytics. Then experiments run on a two-week cycle, reporting on completed tests and kicking off new ones. Successful results are incorporated into your site to lock in improvements.

Of course, results are not enough. Once things are running smoothly, we’ll begin a study program so your team can become experts who own the growth process.

I believe communication is the fuel of successful projects. Every test plan will be discussed and every result reported clearly and consicely. If you have a company chat room, I’ll join it to answer those one-off questions that inevitably pop up.

Each quarter we’ll meet to review your return on investment and plan future direction. My goal is for your business to “graduate” with significant revenue gains and a standard practice of steady growth.

Email peter@revenue.systems now to learn more and schedule your engagement.

Who is Revenue Systems?

Revenue Systems is the work of Peter Bhat Harkins. I built this solo consultancy on my 15 years of professional web development experience. As an entrepreneur, I love helping businesses grow into all they can be. I limit this service to five or six active clients at a time so I can devote focused attention to each.

I’ve previously consulted for The Washington Post, Abbvie, IBM Global Services, Enova Financial, Trunk Club, and 2Checkout. Aside from the big boys, I’ve helped dozens of small and mid-sized businesses mature from the grind of making ends meet into be stable, successful businesses.

From the happy clients of Revenue Systems:

In the first hour of our first meeting, Peter suggested changes that caused our signups to jump by 13%. This was such a meaningful improvement for the business that everything following was free money.

Jesse Fess, CEO of IfWeather


Peter fixed our early marketing missteps with persuasive copy and the strong calls to action that win us customers.

Adam Bell, CEO of NIRDHOST


I look forward to seeing what we can do for your business.

Your Next Steps

Email peter@revenue.systems now to learn more and schedule your engagement.I have space for two new clients through June 2018.